Skilled Gladiator Defeated at Julius Caesar's Funeral

A Picture of the fight with a statue of Julius Ceaser in center of Colosseum.

By Jack Casturo

ROME COLOSSEUM- On March 16th, 44 B.C., two gladiators fought in honor of the loved ruler Julius Caesar. The battle took place in the Colosseum, right after the burial service.

These highly trained warriors were said to be the best in the area. Spectator Augustus Aelius, said "This fight was one of a kind. The reigning champion’s weapons of choice were two gladiuses. The sharpest and most versatile swords.

Using only a staff the challenger was readied in stance. The champ controlled the first half of the fight by attacking with many skilled moves, but all were blocked by the opponent.

Towards the end of the fight the underdog knocked the champ on the ground and pinned him. The crowd voted to finish him off by showing a thumbs up with two fingers out. The champ was hoping to see white hankies swirling around the arena, however, when he saw the symbol of the onlookers, he knew it was the end, of not only his career as a gladiator, but his life.

The challenger had beaten the best gladiator in Rome and not until after the fight did the warrior reveal her real identity, a women with long black hair! Female fighters are very uncommon. She had become a gladiator for fame and to pay off a debt. For just this fight she received enough money to move from a lower class to upper class member of society.

Family members of the loosing fighter reported his name was Cyrus Verdid and he was taken from slavery to a gladiator school where he became a gladiator. Entertainment critics exclaimed, "An astonishing outcome of a great event in honor of a great ruler."

This is an example of a gladius that was used.

This is a video of recent gladiator battles in the Colosseum.

This is an example of the staff that was used.
This is a map of Rome.


The beloved Julius Caeser.

Julius Caeser died at age 66. He was the ruler of the great Roman empire. He died on the 15th of March 44 B.C. He was killed by being stabbed 20 times by his closest council members.

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