Inkscape Mini Project: Logo


  • The project prompt was to create a logo in Inkscape that fulfills the following criteria (similar to my other Takk, "Inkscape Mini Project: Character"): Object->Path with Node Editing, Modular Design, Object Alignment, Adding a Stroke, Grouping and Union.
  • My project is of a logo representing the company, "munch."
  • Similarly to the character project, my process to creating this logo was full of experimentation. I played around with shapes to create the final product.
  • The logo sort of aligns with my character Chuck (a snail). I wanted to connect the ideas of animals and sustenance (in this case, an orange) in order to establish a unifying theme for my future Scratch game.


  • My process consisted of experimenting with different functions in Inkscape to create a nice logo.
  • The problems I had revolved around not knowing how to do something I wanted to do in Inkscape.
  • I overcame the problems by asking for answers from people and the Internet.


  • My next iteration would be modifying the orange so that it has a bumpy texture and look more realistic.
  • I enjoyed how this part of the project connected so well with the last part. It was nice that it had unity and that I could add on to what I learned about Inkscape in the last part of the project.
  • I would make it better by adding texture (as mentioned above) and maybe more details on the orange so that it looks more realistic