Wish You Were Dead
By: Todd Strasser

*Text Structure*

~Identifying the author’s choices~

- In the book Wish You Were Dead the author let's the reader know what is going on before the character explains, so there is a switch in who is telling the story from third person to first person.


-When Lucy Cunningham gets taken the author explains what happens before the character explains.

- Then when Adam needs a ride home from being drunk he all of a sudden disappeared before anyone could come and get him this is another time when the author told the reader what happened before the character explained.   

-Later in the book you find out that both Lucy and Adam had been killed and the author structured the book in this part for the reader to know what was going on before the character tells you.

~Explain the effect of the choices~

- I think the author is choosing to structure their book like this because he wants the reader to be more interested in the book so they keep reading.

~Explain why the author made those choices~

- The author most likely made the choice to have two types of point of views because he wants his readers to understand the book and be intrigued in what is going to happen next or how the book is going to play out.  


- Wish You Were Dead is a good book I think it has lessons in it that are good to learn. I think the author did a good job at organizing the structure of the book, at first I was confused on how the book was being told but after I read more I had a better understanding of the book .