By:Meredith And Maddie J.

Learning Angles!

Angles are in everyday life! For example...Driving, School, cooking, Working, Vacation, Teaching. There are angle that you don't even know about! You have right and left angles in your hands. Here is a Step-by-Step easy way to remember your angles! Also you could remember a way of remembering. The Alphabet.. Acute, Obtuse, Reflex and Straight!


Acute Angle: Sharp or severe in effect: intense.

Obtuse Angle: Not sharp acute or pointed blunt in form.

Straight Angle: Without a bend angle or curve: not curved.

Right angle: The circle the angle formed by two perpendicular lines that intersect. An angle of 90 degrees.


Quadrilateral- A plan figure having four sides and four angles.

Square- A rectangle having all four sides of equal length.

Rectangle- A parallelogram having all four right angles.

Rhombus- An angle oblique angled equilateral parallelogram.

Trapezoid- a quadrilateral plan figure. Two parallel and two non parallel.

Parallelogram-a quadrilateral of opposite side parallel to each other.


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