An astronaut is a person who is trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.Being an astronaut isn't just about going to space.An astronaut's main purpose is to attend meetings, go to training sessions, and write reports just like any other office worker.However the only twist is when you have worked long enough, a rare opportunity could open up and allow you to travel and work in a space station orbiting the earth at about 18 thousand miles an hour for the cost of only 0 U.S dollars.

Required Skills

To become an astronaut you will need the following skills-

  • Vision:20/20(Can wear contacts)
  • Blood pressure:140/90 in sitting position
  • Height:62 to 75 inches tall (5'2-6"3)
  • (Pilot)1000 hours in a jet aircraft

These skills are needed to help them move and see in space with ease.

Educational Requirments

  • Bachelors degree in engineering,biological science,or mathematics
  • Courses:Language arts,math,science,history,engineering class
  • No specific college or university is specified according to NASA


  • GS-11(starting out)-65,000$
  • GS-14(experienced)-142,000$

They also get paid extra by doing missions.The mission salary is dependent on the mission,but in the end is not much at all.One astronaut said he received 172$ after 152 days in space,which is roughly about 1.20$/Day.Overall they receive their normal annual salary whether they fly into space or not.

Future Outlook

To become an astronaut its not only about the education and the physical state your in,but a matter of being chosen.Only a fraction of 1% make it into the space training program.Regardless of the education you took its all completely up to NASA to say if you are worthy enough.Currently NASA takes trainees from around every 4-5 years and in 2013 NASA received about 6,000 applications and only picked out 8 people.

In the field of astronomy there are about 150 jobs offered in the U.S and there has never been more than 150 astronauts in the U.S. The most there ever was was in 2000 where NASA had 149 astronauts at the ready.

Astronauts will never die out seeing how much there is too explore in space.


One major thing that will make people want to be an astronaut is that they will go to space.

Similar Careers

If becoming an astronaut doesn't work out NASA has a variety of jobs in the same field of an astronaut,such as being a scientist,engineer,writer,technician,etc.

Why I chose this job

I mainly chose this job because of being able to go to space and be one of the few to go into space. My dream would be to be chosen in NASA's raffle and be part of that 1% to be able to have "space sailing" as a profession.I think I would be perfect for the job because I meet the standards and I would be very dedicated and honored to get the job.



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