Hello Yuhna Kim and Team Locket!

Here is my Caster application in the form of a Tackk post!

Feel free to scroll through as you play the video, but have the volume up, as I was talking more quietly than usual!

To give you a quick intro about who I am, I am a Berkeley graduated with a degree in Film production and critical theory studies. I currently work as a cab driver, but also have a very heavy online life on my Facebook feeds, and as the founder and unwitting figurehead of Black Iron Kisses, an Art collective that started with a few photo series on Facebook. BIK currently has a rotating number of admins and contributors that normally waver between 8 to 20 people at a given time. We are about to hit our 10,000th like, and I am hoping to have this baby reach None Profit Status by the year's end so I can hand it over more to other fans and Admins :).

I also spend a lot my other free time playing Ingress obsessively and reading news articles, and friends have come up to me IRL and have mentioned that they are glad that I post stuff because that's how they get their news (scary, I know!)

I have answered your questions on your thoughts about lockett in the video, and have attached a few samples from my work. If you have more questions, or about my online presence just find me with my near universal handle I use, which is @ or /siaabd!

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Black Iron Kisses

Black Iron Kisses is primarily used as my personal outlet to put out a large body of my artwork

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