Ms. Powell
Due Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Arawaks have a wonderful way of life! They have a different way of doing things such as the materials that are used to build a house, the way to catch their food, and menu. They have different names in different islands and countries in the Caribbean. The Arawaks have enemies and they are called the Caribs. The Caribs were their enemy because they ate their own kind. They were known as carnivores.

The Arawaks made their houses by using the cane wood and by using palm thatching as the roof. Several families shared one house also known as the caneye. The caicique's house was known as a bohio. The house were built in such a manner that they form a circle. The Arawaks houses were cool, rain proof, and never needed to be replaced if they were built. They slept in hammocks that were made out of strings.

The main food that the Arawaks eat is called pepperpot. Some land animals they eat are iguanas, hutias/rats, yellow snake. Some fruits the eat are sapodillas, star apples, pineapple, guava, mammee apple, corn and cashews. Another food they love to eat is cassava cake.

The Arawaks caught some sea and land animals. Some sea animals that they caught are turtles, fish and seal, The turtles were caught by using a remora (electric eel). To do this they used nets, hook and line, spears, and remora. Some land animals they caught are iguanas, and agoutis. They caught iguanas by tormenting them until they show their teeth and then they tie them up. To do this they used traps, spears, bows and arrows, and clubs.

Like every other community the Arawaks had a leader and called him or her the cacique. The chief had many privileges. They were given food, had a large house, had special clothes, had more ornaments than others, had a larger canoe, and had a special burial, and could have several wives. The cacique's wives had longer skirts than the others. The cacique's house was bigger than the others and was rectangular. The cacique has a special throne that he sits on is called the duho.

In conclusion, this is how the Arawaks are more unique than us, The Arawaks made their houses in a special way. They also have a special way to catch their food. This is how the Arawaks have a special way of life.


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