Statements Nick Kienholz 2-01-15

Being loyal to your family is important because no matter what the argument is or discipline they will always be there for you. Some examples of being loyal to your family are standing up for them in a disagreement with someone else, even if they are wrong, they are entitled to their side and i wouldn't argue against them in public. if i take issue with their side we discuss it in private. Another example is I will always try to do whats best for them as well as myself I'll  show them respect until they show me they do not deserve my respect.

Another statement that I agreed with was Everyone should follow the law. If everyone follows the law there would be no discipline for people. Some examples of everyone should follow the law are: we should obey law because you are not the only one who follow this,because if you don't you will get penalize and everyone has the right to live freely and not bothering others with what they don't want. Because you get penalized if you don't obey the law.

The last statement I agreed with was people should be punished for breaking the law. If people break the law the should be punished so they can learn so they won't do it again. Some examples are: If you break the law, it's the duty of the executive branch to arrest you for breaking the law. In the USA, you have the right to a trial by a jury of your peers and the right to legal representation to sort of "argue" your case. Ultimately, the jury and judge decide if you are guilty and if you should be sentenced. One last example is: I feel that if someone breaks the law, they should be brought into court and given a trial. Whether they should be punished, is up to a jury and a judge to decide.

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2 years ago

Overall, well thought out, Nick. Work to give specific examples to illustrate your points.