Continental Drift:

Is the movement of the different continents on the Earth,They appear to drift along the Ocean bed. There was a super continent called the Pangea,the Pangea was separated due to the continental drift caused by the heat of the core.


This is a super continent(when all the continent are together.)However continental drift made it drift apart.The evidence for the Pangea is that the continents fit together like a puzzle and there are similar rock types. Tectonic plates is an important theory developed in the 1960s to explain how the continents move across the earth's surface.

I believe because the earth is round the continents will once meet again creating the super continent Pangea.

The earth's formation:

When the earth was first created it almost contained no Oxygen and would of been toxic to the human race.The earth is made up of the Crust,Mantle,Outer Core and Inner Core.


The Crust is the thinnest layer of the earth,it is a solid rock and is the layer that we live. on.


This is broken up in to large pieces called tectonic plates and it is made up by Magma.

Outer Core:

Is the layer surrounding the inner core,it's a liquid layer made up of iron and nickel and is extremely hot.

Inner Core:

This is a solid made up of iron and nickel and is the hottest part 5,500 degrees it can be displayed as the engine room of the earth.

continental Drift

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