First period, it’s the Renaissance,

The word Means rebirth, started in Florence

The Renaissance man, Leonardo da vinci

One of the smartest men, always, always thinking

Up new plans for paintings

Like the mona lisa

The last supper, about a feast with jesus

Humanism spread, an idea in their head

People knew stuff they could do before they were dead

No longer was writing difficult and painful,

With the printing press, everything no longer disdainful

Made lots more books like the holy bible,

Publishing books was no longe scribes jobs

The protestant reformation, changed the world and our nations

With martin luther posting the 95 theses

On a german church in wittenburg, 1517

Henry eight, not to hate

Broke away from the church

Claiming it was a sham,

Developed his own way of thinking, called the Anglican

Age of exploration, focused on globalization,

Chris’ amazing discovery formed our great American nation

Caravel and astrolabe, let us sail without fear,

Making the Columbian exchange, slowly but surely appear

The scientific revolution brought about some questions,

Such as Helio centrism, the sun is the center

Of the universe, Copernicus, first developed this

It was proved not much later by the great galileo

Revolution was inevitable, the land was not hospitable

With john locke making natural rights,

And Rousseau shouting ‘Democracy!’

The glorious revolution overthrew the king

While the americans, did their part, revolting on taxing

The france even partook, in this period of destruction,

Leading to the great emporer, Napolean

The industrial revolution made some great inventions,

Like the spinning jenny, railroad, and the great steam engine

World war one came soon after, having a couple main causes,

Military, nation, imperialism

Franz Ferdinand got a bullet in his head,

But the people wouldn’t chill out,

Over 17 million dead!

Tank airplanes and gas made the death counter pop, crack

While the trench warface made people knee deep in rats