Tech for K-12 in the Classroom


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What is it? Evernote is an organizational app that allows notes to be created, organized into note folders (called notebooks) and can be transferred from the iPad to other devices like a laptop or a desktop computer (PC or Apple).

How can Evernote be used? Evernote can be used in the classroom by having the students take notes during the class, and by emailing certain slides to the students (such as charts/tables) for them to add to their notes. These notes can then be accessed whenever the students choose to (ie; to review for exams/quizzes), both at home and at the school.


What is it? Goodreader is an app that allows people to read PDF files, but it also can import and view other file types (audio/video). With these files, there are also options to highlight, add important side notes/comments and keep them on your iPad for easy access and viewing.

How can Goodreader be used? Teachers can use Goodreader by giving students PDF/video/audio files for them to upload and access via the app. From there, students can customize their own notes by writing side notes on the files, highlighting important information as they deem necessary based on what they know. This is good for reviewing notes outside of class as well as studying for quizzes/exams.


What is it? Simplemind is a simple (CAUTION: Bad Pun ALERT!) and easy-to-access app for the iPad, that allows students to create their own brainstorming and concept webs to view on your iPad.  

How can Simplemind be used? Simplemind can serve as a method for students to brainstorm and create concept webs for difficult content. This is done by placing in existing schema and organizing them, before adding in the new schema and trying to organize (adding to existing web sections or creating new sections to add to the web). This is very helpful when talking about Social Studies theories and Science concepts regarding wildlife. Teachers can use it to create webs of concepts to share and show on their IWBs as well, whilst teaching.


What is EasyBib? EasyBib is a special app to help users create proper citation for references when it comes to creating reports and projects that require the use and citation of resources. With this app, you can use your iPad to scan the barcode of a book or type in the name of a book that you wish to use for said report or project. Once done, you can select the style of citation (APA, MLA, Chicago) and it will create a citation for you to utilize.

How can EasyBib be used? EasyBib can be used by students to help get citations in order to reference resources that they use for a book report. They can scan the book that they are using for their book report to get the citation that they need to put into the book report. It is recommended that the teacher make sure that the citations will match the style that they want the students to use and indicate the style they want them to use before starting the assignment. It is much easier than having to check websites and read citation manuals.

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