The Great Gatsby

The Mysterious death of Jay Gatsby.

In the 1920s Jay Gatsby was found dead in his pool at around two o'clock. He was laying on an air mattress looking up to the sky.  Only Nick knew the truth about Wilson killing Jay.

George Wilson was married to women name Myrtle. She died an a car accident. He was a good man. Didn't do anything wrong he finds out that his late wife was having an affair. According to Michaelis wilson fixated on the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg for a long time after what had happen to Myrtle. "The eyes of T.J. Eckleburg. illuminated by the dawn overwhelm wilson he believes that they are the eyes go god and this leaps to the conclusion that whoever was driving the car was the lover of Myrtle." Tom reveals to wilson that Gatsby was the one who killed his wife.

Daisy was the lover of Gatsby she has always loved him. How ever one day daisy and Gatsby were in the car together an a yellow car and Gatsby did in fact let her drive in order to calm her down or just to clear her mind. While driving she runs over Myrtle and after doing that she doesn't even care to stop.

Jay Gatsby was a young man who grow up poor he was not the one to brag about being the way he is now. His father taught him how to act like he is now. He had a schedule made just for him so he could be like this.

The Home-O-Fone Radio Telephone Receiving Set. It broadcast anything you can hear from miles away. No poweris needed for this great set. It is only twenty-four dollars all you needed were headphones and or an amp.

Henry Ford and Ford Motor company had produced better and new models each and every year just for the publics eyes. Most of these cars were fitted with car heaters just for the passenger comfort. There were even some cars that were electric powered cars, four wheel drive andeven hybrid fuel.

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