Stylish Look and Versatility of Casio Chronograph Watches

The Casio brand of wrist watches are great value for money. Not only that, it is one of the leading watch brands to combine a stylish look and versatility with technology and innovation to create a range of great looking Casio Chronograph Watches. Recently, Casio has released a new range of watches in the MT-G Metal Twisted Casio Chronograph Watches. They have also come out with a new, upgraded version of their popular watch collections, namely the Gravity Defier, the Casio Protrek and the Casio G –Shock.

MT-G Metal Twisted Casio Chronograph Watches combines toughness of the G-shock concept with premium quality and stylish looks. This range of high end Casio Chronograph watches are created at the company’s Japanese factory using the finest materials encased in a superb design to offer a luxury timepiece that is also versatile in its use.

The MT-G Metal Twisted Casio Chronograph Watch incorporates the G-Shock Core Guard Structure with a Tough Movement to create a timepiece that ensures accurate timekeeping. It is equipped with ‘Multi Band 6′ atomic time keeping feature that automatically updates the time with the help of radio controlled global transmitters. Without doubt, this line of Casio Chronograph watches have the stylish look and versatility of the ultimate luxury timepiece.

Another new, upgraded version of Casio Chronograph Watches is the Casio Edifice EQW-A1200 Sensor Chronograph Watch which is available in four models of different bezel and band colors. Along with a stylish look, this line of Casio Chronograph Watches is loaded with extra features and functions.

Casio Edifice EQW-A1200 Sensor Chronograph Watch features analog-digital dials with LCD screens. They are built on the concept of ‘Speed and Intelligence’ with Casio’s ‘Multi-Mission Drive’ analog drive system powering the watch. Thanks to the lightweight material used for the hands, it features a new and faster system to move the hands. The ‘Multi-Mission Drive’ sensor technology allows the hour and minute hand to be moved independently of each other, making time adjustment easy.

The Multi-Band 6 technology present in this Casio frogman watch allows it to synchronize the time automatically with the nearest atomic clock. The radio signals are transmitted from six stations around the world, namely one each at US, UK, China, Germany and two in Japan. This Casio Chronograph watch also features World Time in 29 different cities making it an ideal timepiece for the global traveler.

Other features in the Kinetic chronograph watch include a multi-function chronograph and a compass. Keeping Formula 1 race drivers in mind, this Casio chronograph watch is built to resist vibrations.

A stylish look and versatility of Casio Chronograph watches is apparent in their refined design and construction. Not only are these watches elegant to look at, they are highly functional and packed with innovative features.