How Can Hide Relationship Status From Your Friends?

How to Hide Relationship Status Change From Your Friends ?

Quick and Easy steps to hide your relationship status from friends-

  • 1) Click About from your profile
  • 2) Now click Family and Relationships
  • 3) Hover the mouse over Relationship box and click Edit
  • 4) Choose Only me from the audience selector menu
  • 5) Click Save Changes

This is how you can change the privacy of your relationship status. Changing your relationship status from It’s Complicated to Single when you suffered a heartbreak can be embarrassing for you. People start judging and commenting about your relationship that can make you uncomfortable. You can hide your relationship status and use Facebook without confronting any kind of awkwardness.

Try out these steps and get the job done. But if you are not able to change it on your own, then contacting Facebook phone number USA: +1-855-510-0777 can help you, especially when you want to do it on an urgent basis. With its round the clock services, you can avail instant help whenever you want it.