Cultural Assumption 3

Blog 3 - The rich people are always better than the poorer people

The book The Lord of the Flies that I have been continuously reading in class, has another cultural assumption that William Golding has introduced. There are obvious evidence to state that the boys attitude has changed and there are critical of the position of importance on the island. A few of the boys importance is very high the characters believe because of their wealth compared to others on the island.

The cultural assumption I have found in the novel written purposely by William Golding is the assumption that he accepted. The cultural assumption is that rich people are always better than the poorer people. Golding shows evidence in the novel to back my assumption up by one of the characters, Jack, telling another character Ralph and saying "don’t you know who my dad is". This is stating that Ralph has less importance then Jack because Jack's dad is supposably important and wealthy. Ralph is then thought to believe that he's importance and wealth because it isn't as high and rich as Jack he doesn’t have as much importance, and therefore doesn’t have quality skills to lead the group. All this is just attributes because Jack's dad is rich and therefore rich people are leaders and have importance compared to the poorer types of people.

I believe these thoughts at such a childish age is wrong and the boys should believe everyone is equal and has equal opportunities no matter how wealthy you are or how important you are. These boys are learning wrong and the wrong idea is being made clear to the audience.

The time of William Golding's era was a time of difference on the hierarchy with some people being very wealthy, some with normality and some being very low. The difference with today's world no matter what scale you are on the hierarchy, everybody has equality and the same importance. This reflects the storyline with the rich and snobby having a poor attitude towards the lower class and poorer types of people.

This is my final cultural assumption I have found and analysed, I have enjoyed reading this great book and thank you for taking your time and reading my blogs. I hope you have learnt something about William Golding and his book The Lord of the Flies.

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