world weather

Hamlet weather:

Japan's weather:

today in hamlet it is 61*f and the sky is full of clouds. the high today is ranging in between 76*f and the low is 65*f. there will be no precipitation however the humidity is greatly affecting this area. and winds are average.

right now: 61*f/ cloudy

highest today: 76*f

lowest: 65*f

precipitation: 0%

humidity: 78%

winds: 5 mph

Italy's weather:

today in Japan is is getting chilly and is pouring down rain. the high today is 52*f and the lowest 50*f. there will be rain all day and winds are coming through.

right now: 50*f/ rain

highest today: 52*f

lowest: 50*f

precipitation: 100%

humidity: 97%

winds: 7 mph

today in Rome, Italy it is mostly sunny and 70*. the highest for today will be 71*f and the lowest it will get is around or in the 50's. there is no chance of rain and the humidity is about 56%, winds are fast!

right now: 70*f/ mostly sunny

highest today: 71*f

lowest: 52*f

precipitation: 0%

humidity: 56%

winds: 9 mph