DIY Pest Removal of Singapore by Plants

We learned a lot of their deinsectization method, however, they only apply to household pesticides, some of the larger ranches and flower planting places also have pest invasion of troubles. They are not a good way to prevent pest invasion, they can only spray drug continuously, but this leads to their crops covered by drugs, flowers and animals, is also a violation of the relevant government regulations. We studied, as some college teacher flower they think farming farmers and farmers could make some plant pest removal of Singapore. Here we introduce the way to help them from insect pests.

1. The fragrance plant

Borage is a well known herb, it can be used in the food, can also make cool tea, but few people know it can be a pest removal of Singapore. It can prevent hawkmoth and worms eat cabbage, and help improve all plant disease resistance. Chrysanthemum contains a substance can let pests die, is harmless to human and animals. It can repel the root nematode and Japanese beetles. Marigold with lavender perfume repel fleas, moths and mosquitoes and other insects, protect soil health.

2. The strong smell of plants

Some plants have strong smell can also help people pest removal of Singapore. Artemisia is not only to person body good vegetables, also will produce a strong smell, let the pests away. Leek, as it is not only insecticide, but also helps trees are scabby. Let trees can be safe and healthy growth. Onions and garlic can be used as a seasoning, but also clean the mouth of people, to help solve the problem of the oral cavity. However, few people know that they can also drive a bug. Their scent to aphids and other small insects, and fear, and if you grow them in plants around, will not have to worry about pest infestation.

3. The fresh plant

The smell of mint is a good thing, it can drive all kinds of insect pests, pepper also have this effect. Make the two plants into spray, sprayed respectively in plants and animals, would put them pests away. Many insect pests eat vegetables and flowers, not only will suck the blood of animals, and pass the germs to animals. Strong flavour and pepper bactericidal action can effectively kill pests and pathogens. Note that if you use peppermint spray, you should continue to spray, because the smell of mint will soon disappear, and the utility doesn't last.

In addition, you also need to do somepest removal Singapore -

. If plants have been infected by pests, you need to pull them, otherwise they will attract more insect pests. You need to clean up your tools. Some pest eggs will adhesion on the tool, waiting for you to use when will again in the soil to grow again. To establish healthy organic soil, using natural fertilizer is the best way to develop a strong vigorous plants. And, of course, you can use the seaweed promotes the healthy development of the plant, using seaweed fertilizer on membrane, promote plant growth, improve the ability of plant resistance to insect. Clean up the weeds and sundry, reduce insect pests live. Pests are often plants, you can undertake interplanting and crop rotation, maintain biodiversity, reduce the kinds of insect pests.

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