by John Fernandez

     There are many different types of clouds. Clouds can be made of water, ice, or a mixture of both. Some clouds are combination clouds and some are main clouds. The three main clouds are cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Clouds are named for their shape and height.


Cumulus clouds are puffy white clouds with flat bottoms. They usually mean good weather. Cumulus are made of lots of tiny water droplets. The word cumulus comes from the prefix cumulo- which means pile or heap.


Stratus are flat clouds that have light rain or drizzle. Status are made of water droplets like a cumulus. These clouds are very low and closest to the ground. Stratus got its name from the prefix strato- and it means layers.


Cirrus clouds are formed very high and are made of ice crystals. The prefix Cirro- means curl. Cirro- is where a cirrus clouds got its name. Cirrus clouds are curly

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One of the most common combination clouds is a cumulonimbus. Cumulonimbus clouds are big clouds that are very puffy. They are usually dark and gray and they bring storms and rain. Cumulonimbus can grow very big and tall.


Cirrostratus are thin layered clouds. You can tell that it's a combination cloud of cirrus and stratus. they are thin and a little wispy.


Cirrocumulus are clouds that are common in the winter. They are a bit thin and a bit puffy.


Altostratus are clouds that appear whenever. They warn you that thunderstorms are coming your way.


Nimbostratus are dark clouds that bring rain or snow. They are long, low, flat, and smooth.


Fog is a cloud that appears on the ground. They make it harder to see things. Fog mostly appears on bodies of water.

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