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Kate Akers

* Bloom’s Taxonomy divides the way people learn into three domains.

*One of the domains is the cognitive domain, which emphasizes intellectual outcomes.

*There are six levels of cognition:

  1. Knowledge: rote memorization, recognition, or recall of facts
  2. Comprehension: understanding what the facts mean
  3. Application: correct use of the facts, rules, or ideas
  4. Analysis: breaking down information into component parts
  5. Synthesis: combination of facts, ideas, or information to make a new whole
  6. Evaluation: judging or forming an opinion about the information or situation

* SAMR is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning.

* S- substitution, A-Augmentation, M- Modification, R- Redefinition

*Dr. Madeline Hunter's research indicates that effective teachers usually include the following elements in their lessons:

1) Anticipatory Set - A short activity, dispatch or prompt that focuses the students' attention and ties previous lessons to today's lesson.

2) Purpose - An explanation of the importance of this lesson and a statement concerning what students will be able to do when they have completed it.

3) Input - The vocabulary, skills, and concepts to be learned.

4) Modeling - The teacher demonstrates what is to be learned.

5) Guided Practice - The teacher leads the students through the steps necessary to perform the skill using multiple modalities.

6) Checking For Understanding - The teacher uses a variety of questioning strategies to determine if the students are understanding.

7) Independent Practice - The teacher releases students to practice on their own.

8) Closure - A review or wrap-up of the lesson.

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