Advice and Gratitude


1. Talking almost always helps. It does not even have to be the parents or other relatives, but also friends. If you share what is hard or sad for you it is somehow relieving. It is normal that there is not an immediate solution, but that is often not the biggest problem.

2. Depending on what it is diversion/distraction could help. If it is something temporary you can normally "cure" it if you just stay busy, don't be alone, but do something with others or watch a movie, bake, cook, go outside etc.

3. If somebody close to you died, it is totally normal that you are sad and it would be strange if it is different. Most likely there are many people who are  also affected. In my opinion it is good to find a personal way to say "good bye", besides the funeral and all these "official events". This is something you cannot write in a guide, but there is this phrase (I do not know if it exist in English): Live goes on! And if something is true than that live goes on and (another phrase) time will heal (not totally, sometimes, but good enough to go on. I promise!)


I am grateful for... family who supports me and who I can talk to about everything. The people who love you the most and bring you down to earth if you need it. friends and especially my best friend. We can be embarrassing and crazy and have a lot of fun. You just need someone who tells who how messy your hair is and that this picture does not look perfect, even when everybody says: " that's perfect you don't need to change anything." :-) time in the states. Probably the scariest decision I ever made and probably also one of the best. These experiences are so different and exiting and they are "my own".

...time I could spent with different doctors who showed me their work and gave me a more realistic insight in the hospital life.

...surfing and sailing. In my opinion the best, funniest and coolest things you can do in your free time!!! You cannot really describe the feeling, but it is amazing.

...playing cello. A possibility to make wonderful music just for yourself to enjoy it. Sometimes frustrating, but the best music instrument ever! :-)

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3 years ago

I'm sorry my internet on my iPad does not work (since the last Thursday before winter break) and I wrote it in pages, but here it is now..

3 years ago

Beautifully thorough and thoughtful, Hannah. Thank you, especially, for the care you took with your advice; very compassionate. We also have the phrase, "Life goes on." And so it does - with each sweet soul leaving an indelible impression on our lives and hearts. We are fortunate that you made the brave decision to leave your home and take a chance on all of us.