Homo Erectus
Upright man

The Upright Men were discovered by Eugene Dubois in 1891. They lived 200,000 to 1.8 million years ago. Upright men were hairy, and their bones were very strong. They had a thick scull, and their jaw stuck out. They had foreheads that were round and smooth. Their bodies were thin, and they had a large ridge above their eyes. They moved from place to place and built shelters with tools. They used fire to keep warm. The upright men and the handy men were both good toolmakers. However,the upright men made better tools like axes made out of stone.

The Upright men ate red deer, elephant, rhinoceros, goat, boar, and oysters. They used fire to keep warm, to cook meat, and to make tools. Building fires and huts allowed them to stay alive. They also made tools to kill the animals. The upright men only lived in Africa.

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