Aquae Sulis

Visita Aqua Sulis

Come visit Aquae Sulis for the best vacation!

Come rest and relax at the beautiful sacred baths that the Romans built, which have great healing powers.

Stay in the greatest hotels and apartments for rent in England. If the hotels and apartments are full, just rent out a room in a political friends house.

Dine at good restaurants and visit the well known shops around town.

A Weekend in Aquae Sulis


Afternoon: Arrive and rent apartment or a room in the house of a diplomat or friend.

Evening: Dine in the town and go to bed.


Morning: Wake up, eat and go into town.

Afternoon: Spend most of the morning to afternoon shopping. Then head to the baths.

Evening: After a relaxing short bath, have a nice dinner with political friends and go to           bed.


Morning: Wake up and have breakfast in the town.

Afternoon: Go to the baths for the rest of the afternoon. Afterwords, pay your respects to Sulis Minerva in the temple right next to the baths.

Evening: Leave Aquae Sulis and return to your own home.

1. Aqua est calda (water is hot)

2. Aqua est fonte (water is from a spring)

3. Balneae estis molle (the baths are very relaxing)

4. Bracinae estis delectabile (the restaurants are very delicious)

5. Urbs est bellus (city is very nice)

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