Make Vacations Last
(even after you return home)

There is an age old question – how do you make the great feelings of vacations last once the vacation is over? How do you prolong the feelings of adventure, relaxation, and forgetting your day-to-day concerns?

Research shows some interesting things about vacations. For one thing, when you spend money on a vacation, most of us are more likely to get more psychic gratification then were you to spend the same money on a material purchase. That’s because a vacation is experiential. And experiential things are more likely to have an extended life as they remain top of mind and you are more likely to want to talk about them with others. And it turns out talking about your vacation is a very good thing.

So it is good news that you decided to take the vacation in the first place. You are already on the road to getting more bang for your buck than you would get from purchasing a material item. What are some tips to prolong the good vacation feelings?

Talk about your vacation experiences when you get home. Relive them with your friends back home and at work or in school. Share your pictures and the stories that go along with them.

Take your time planning your vacation. Think about where you will be and what choices you have for activities when you are there. It’s a good thing to build up the anticipation. Spontaneous trips are special in their own way, but allowing enough time to think through what you will be doing and then doing the planning associated with the vacation can prolong the vacation happiness.

And it’s even helpful to structure your vacation such that you have something especially nice to do at the very beginning or very end of your vacation. This will leave an even deeper impression on you and enable your memories and stories to be that much richer.

Here is a link to an article that discusses this topic, and source of the research to which I referred:

What are your tips and tricks to make your vacations last?

Alex Green