George Washington

        Although our first president was morally apposed to slavery, and spoke out against it on several occasions. George Washington owned roughly 125 slaves over the course of his life, and towards the end of it, made an attempt to free them making him the only founding father to do so.

     Over the course of Chains, George Washington took part in several actions that affected Isabelle and other characters in the book, and any speeches given by George Washington to help sway the allegiance of the residents of citizens of New York to the side of the Patriots might've affected the citizens of New York, but wouldn't have changed Isabelle's idea of which side to support because she was set on siding with the British for most of the book. But not a lot of George Washington's speeches would've affected Isabelle very directly because a lot of them would've been political, and Isabelle already had her mind made up.    

And finally this conflict was very intertwined with the political beliefs of George Washington because he was a major revolution leader and his actions affected the lives of millions of people not only at the time of the revolutionary war but also in centuries to come. George Washington wouldn't have become so involved with political movements at the time and wouldn't have been elected as the President if he wasn't very passionate about politics.