Hiroshima   Die   Day

By:   Ethan   Thorne

The theme that I chose to do is survival. Survival was very tough for the people in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima   Survival   Video

This is a video showing the survival and struggle in Hiroshima. Survival was very tough and it still has affects on people today like this woman. shown in the video.

Role   in   Assisting  The   Survivors

If I were to assist the Hiroshima bombing survivors, I would make the origami cranes to help them live. I would give them support as well as making these cranes. I would make them feel better and to try and get the survivors to keep on living and not give up.


People dying all around

As the U.S.A sits safe and sound

Run, Run, Run away

Until the fire blows away

A big light flashes through the sky

Blinding everybody's eyes

Nobody knows what it is

Except for that it is something big

Death is in the air

Like the whole thing was just one big dare

So many people are in need

Everyone is starting to bleed

Radiation is starting to grow

Like the strange weeds on death row

It seems like there is no end

Many are trying to track down their friends

My   Song

The song I chose to do is "I See Fire" -By: Ed Sheeran

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2 years ago

I like your pitures and videos and think they fit in with the theme and Hiroshima

2 years ago

nice poem

2 years ago

its pictures and yeah same ur song totally fits with the theme

2 years ago

Good job, I like the video and picture.

2 years ago

Good job. I like your theme.