By: Lauren OLiver

By: JAcobi Loyd

                In Delirium the fearful Lena Haloway (Our Protagonist) Lives in a world where love has been diagnosed as a disease known as Amor deliria nervosa.  In Lena's world there is a cure for love. Yes a "cure" for love. This cure doesn't only stop romantic love but it also stops the love for friends, the love for family, the love of creating and the love doing. Everybody has this procedure done when they turn 18 and are "free" to live their lives.

   "Human beings, in their natural state are unpredictable, erratic, and unhappy. It is only once their animal instincts are controlled that they can be responsible, dependable and content"  

  "The Devil stole into the Garden of Eden. He carried with him the disease -amor deliria nervosa- in the form of a seed. It grew and flowered into a magnificent apple tree, which bore apples as bright as blood"

Garden of Eden

   Love is the primary theme of this novel. In her world they take away something so basic and human and do away with it altogether. It displays a version of life where society outlaws and destroys love with something they claim to be a "cure." Another theme within the book is rebellion. Lena goes through an experience that completely changes her outlook on life. It uncovers the veil from eyes and crushes down the borders that surrounded her mind. It makes her realize that everything she was taught and believed in was a lie. After this she decides that she isn't going live with the fate that was chosen for her and attempts to escape from it.

Lena Haloway maybe
The Cure (Antagonist_)

   I would recommend this book to pretty much anybody over the age of 15 (profanity and mature themes) but especially anybody who enjoys a captivating love story or a rebellion to common society.

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