-The Sun, Moon,And Earth-
              By: Vinny Chieffalo

Section One: Earth in Space

Q:How does Earth move in space?

A:The Earth spins on an imaginary axis that causes it to rotate.

The Earth also has an orbit around the sun due to the suns gravitational pull.

Q2:What causes the cycle of seasons on Earth.

A2:The Earth is tilted on its axis causing different parts of the Earth to receive direct or indirect sunlight as the Earth revovles around the sun.

Gravity And Motion?!

Q:1: What determines the strength of gravity in between to objects?

A:1: The measurement of gravity is called Newtons

Q:2:What two factors keep the moon and Earth in orbit?

A:2:The gravitational puul of the sun and the moon is kept in place by the earths gravity.


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