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Working in Los Angeles as a labor and employment lawyer, Daniel Chammas comes in contact with many entertainment studios and their own brand of complicated labor issues. Chammas has represented and counseled many entertainment studios in town on their rights and their legal obligations under different minimum basic agreements and talent deals. Chammas provides contract reading services and offers his expert interpretation of specific provisions within all talent contracts and basic agreements so that his entertainment studio clients can fully comply with state and federal regulations. Although Chammas thrives as a skillful litigator in the courtroom, he tries to keep his clients away from costly courtroom battles as much as he can by helping them understand the rules and regulations of their contracts and agreements.

Daniel Chammas works for Venable, an American Lawyer 100 law firm with more than 600 attorneys in nine offices across the country. Chammas is a partner for Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group. He has over fifteen years of experience working with clients to ensure compliance with all labor regulations. He has also worked with companies to defend them from class action lawsuits brought by employees. Daniel Chammas has handled many cases involving high-stakes litigation over the years, and has prevailed in more than ten cases involving tens of millions of dollars. In addition to entertainment studios, Chammas has defended Fortune 500 companies with national distribution involved in any number of employment disputes, including state and federal wage and hour disputes, harassment claims, discrimination, off-the-clock violations, and disability disputes. Chammas advises his clients on how to create their company policies so they can avoid costly trials.

Daniel Chammas - Tips for Drafting and Accepting Employment Contracts

Daniel Chammas is a professional litigator who has been working in the realm of employment disputes for a number of years. He has virtually all employment disputes, including matters of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and the withholding of wages. He is a valuable member of Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, which is dedicated to solving the legal needs of their clients. They are known for being hard working, dedicated, and understanding of their clients’ needs. Daniel prides himself on his ability to see things from the perspective of his clients, which helps him understand the legal issues more clearly.

Daniel Chammas certainly has a very broad and excellent understanding of employment contracts. He has litigated a number of cases where an employee has been sued for violating an unenforceable noncompetition agreement. He has also represented employers that unwittingly drafted unlawful employment contracts, and have been sued by their employees for requiring them to sign them. Whether you are an employee or an employer, understanding the employment contracts of the professional world is extremely important, and it can make a major impact on your professional future.

As an employer drafting an employment contract, it is imperative to a firm understanding of all of the relevant employment laws. State and federal laws prohibit a variety of provisions that many employers find useful and would ordinarily include in these contracts. However, requiring employees to sign such contracts with illegal terms carry significant legal ramifications.

In addition, if you are a prospective employee, make sure to read all of the details of your employment contract. In the state of California, non-compete clauses, for example, are ordinarily unlawful and an employee should understand what these provisions mean. If you come across a non-compete clause, make sure it is lawful and applies to your future employment with the company. Many employees have unknowingly agreed to non-compete clauses that are completely unenforceable.

Daniel Chammas believes that the best way to draft or read an employment contract is to be thorough.

Daniel Chammas