creating and bringing together the future website Developer

Preparing you for the Future.....

As the IT  is finding its way storming into Nigeria... More and more people are getting Interested about Website either spend time on webpages, performing certain tasks, having fun etc.... There are three kinds of people those that love webssite, those who wants one built for them and those who would like to build one.... Now how about if you end up being the who built such a wonderful website that person loves and the later loves to be it on daily basis... Won't that be cool anyway......

Helping in a different way

We created 9jadevTools just to achieve that and either you are a Beginner or Advanced creator... You will find your spot on 9jawebdevTool.... Where you will either get the tools,materials needed from others or you can just be a rapid contributor to the Group.

The strategies we implore to help others is straight and Pure..... We know what our problems are and only people who has encountered such particular problems can help better... That why we decided to go strictly 9ja... Only we can help solve each others problem... because only we understand each other better....

Just more than a community

We will be more than just a community, Help offer solutions to problems, Teach members how to get hard task done, Share enough information on daily basis,Videos,Pdf, Softwares ,Files, Docs etc,Host Webinars,Seminars and Workshops all over the country...


9jawebdevTools is still in beta.... Its  on  sketch of Ideas..and that's what we call a community... we will come together to create this helping hand for ourselves by Ourselves. Together we will take this to Apex and Turn on the green lights

We already have a Whatsapp group created 24hours Ago.... You can Add 08168153691 on Whatsapp so you can be added to the Group straight away.

For us to Achieve more..... We need

To host a Website enough to carry out all this tasks,

Facebook page..


  and more importantly we need


We don't just need money alone.... We need you to contribute your efforts.......

Have a cool Idea how we can make this better and more Helpful.... Talk to Us Right Now!!!

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