American Ideals Current Event Article: Border Patrol to test wearing cameras amid questions about agents' use of force


This news article explains that the US Border Patrol is going to have to start to wear cameras and microphones while on duty. They will be forced to do this so that the people on duty can't let non-US citizens past the border. This will make sure that no more non-citizens will be able to get into the already fast growing population. Hopefully, this will decrease the amount of illegal immigrants in our country.


The two ideals for this article are Equality and Opportunity.

The illegal immigrants are not given an equal chance of living a happy life in America or an opportunity to live in the US. For instance, for an immigrant to even get to live in the US he/she has to take a test to become a US citizen. Even if they become a US citizen they still usually have a tougher life than most Americans. For example, many companies will not hire an immigrant just because they are an immigrant. Although the US does have an up and rising population it is still wrong to deny someone from equality and opportunity.

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