Oprah Winfrey


Oprah is hardworking because the is rich she work for her money.When like she get get paid for her shows and the movies she played in.Oprah got famous because start working at CBS its a show.Oprah was working there for a long time.A few years later the show was called The Oprah Winfrey show and it was an hour long.Oprah work so hard that she was able to buy off 2 house.She work hard to provide for her family.


Oprah became  famous because she made her own show.She played in a bunch of movies.We celebrate Oprah on black history month because. she was the first black women to be on the CBS show.She started to get awards the older she get. Because she shows start to help people .


Oprah is courageous because she started to give out awards like for education.She gave up scholarships to smart,educate,and want to be something when the grow up.When Oprah was young she was in beauty pageant.She won the miss black Tennessee beauty pageant.Oprah is very courageous because instead of her buying phone,clothes,or shoes.Oprah went and donated all her money to the kids/charities.

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