Black Lives Matter

After another death at the hands of police officers, citizens peacefully (like always) protest for Freddie Gray in Baltimore, only for people to violently antagonize and provoke the protesters, which led to the more violent approach. The officers that arrested Freddie bound his arms behind his back, put his legs in clamps, but didn't put his seatbelt on. They ignored his cries for help. Why should the protesters be any less violent than the police are? While people complained about damaged property, another unarmed black man was shot 10 times in his home. More protesters were being arrested and treated poorly; one man named Joseph Kent was kidnapped by police and no one has seen him since. But yes please, tell me more about how wrong it is to destroy property, while police are destroying lives and, for the most part, getting away with it. Considering these police officers are supposed to be trained well enough to deal with these so called dangerous situations, it doesn't seem like most of them are. That, and they can't hide their own terrorism with a badge and a bulletproof vest.

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