Book: Skinny           Author: Donna Cooner
Genre: Realistic Fiction         Rating: 5 out of 5

~I give this book a five star rating because it shows what some people actually have to go through and it shows how a person can take it when someone is mean or rude to them. It also had really good details to everything which made it easier to read and it was very inspiring.

~This book can be related to a girl named Hanna Marin in the show/book Pretty Little Liars. Ever Davie (the main character) and Hanna Marin are very similar. They both are struggling with their weight and everyone makes fun of them because of it, but no one really knows how much they are hurting inside. They also relate to each other because they are close in age so they are in the same teenager stage of life.

~I would recommend this book to people who like to read stories about overcoming adversity. In this book, Ever faces adversity because different people are talking about her and saying rude things to her. Throughout the story, she learns how to face that adversity and she takes her life back!

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