By: Josh Emig  Daly 5th

Ecology is the study of living things and their interactions with other organisms and the environment

Individual and Population

Individual and Population-

The toucan live high up in the canopy of the rainforest far away from the predators of the forest floor. They have long beaks to reach their leaves and berries.

They interact with their environment by eating the berries and leaves, sometimes the leaves and food fall to the forest floor. Foregors will eat them.

Individual- A specific organism in a population

Population- 1.A group of organisms or individuals of one species that interbreed and live in the same place at the same time (e.g. deer population.)

2. When two or more organisms of the same species interact



Community is caused by organism interaction. This could be breeding which can cause new mutations. Also it can be hunting and scavenging

1.Community- two organisms of a different species interact

2. Biotic factors depend on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem in many ways. The sun (abiotic) is how plants (biotic) make their food to survive. Abiotic factors can help prey hide from predators. This is how these factors interact to make up an ecosystem.

Six kingdoms

1st picture- Protista, Amoeba

2nd picture- Animalia, Jaguar

3rd Picture- Plantae, Sunflower

4th Picture- Fungi, Foray

Protista- Reproduce Sexually and Asexually, Usually One cell, eukaryotes

Animalia- Heterotroph, eukaryote, multicell

Plantae- Autotroph, Eukaryote, Multi-cell

Fungi- Eukaryotic, Asexually and sexually, Multi and Single cell

Food Chain and
Food Web

1st picture- Food Web

2nd picture- Food Chain

The snake is a consumer because it eats the frog. It is a heterotroph because it cannot makes it's own food.

Producer- An organism that can make it's own food. Usually these are plants using photosynthesis

Consumer- An organism that feeds on other abiotic or biotic things. These organisms cannot make their own food.

Decomposer-  An organism that breaks down plant and animal matter, allowing there to be organic nutrients in the ecosystem

Abiotic Factors

The Three Abiotic Factors- Boulders, Water, and a Bridge

Organisms depend on the abiotic factors aroumd them. In fact, plants wouldnt be able to survive without them. The sun is a very important factor, because it is what makes plants be able to make food. Water is also very important. Many organisms cannot go without water for a certain amount of days. They respond by changing shelter, moving places, etc.

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