Getting Kids to Write WELL - WHAT WORKS?

The Writing Next research report summarizes the most effective strategies for "helping adolescent students learn to write well and to use writing as a tool for learning" (Graham and Perin, 4).  The report includes 11 recommended strategies.  The following 4 strategies demonstrate the most significant impact with students.

#1 Writing Process Strategies

Use writing strategies that explicitly and systematically teach students steps necessary for planning, revising, and/or editing text.

#2 Summarization

Explicitly and systematically teach students how to summarize text.

3. Collaborative Writing

Use instructional arrangements in which students work together to plan, draft, revise, and edit their writing.

4. Specific Product Goals

Assign SPECIFIC, reachable goals for writing, including the purpose of the writing (e.g. persuade, explain, etc.) as well as characteristics of the final product.

Help! I don't have time to grade writing!

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