Creon's Speech


Are you guys crazy? "The gods"


The gods, like him? Why? What has he done for them?

He stole from their temples and burned their images, that's right, along with whole state and its laws too!

Do you really believe that the gods enjoy honoring bad people?

An unlikely thought.

Even from the very beginning

There have been people who've whispered together, up-tight rule breakers, thinking together, plotting against me in the alleys. These are the people who are responsible for burying polyneices, and they even bribed my own guard to do it.


There's nothing in this world as evil as money.

It takes your cities and homes, people are lost and pure hearts are corrupted.

Wickedness of all kinds, and all because of money.

But you-!

I swear to god

The person who did this will be punished.

Find the person and bring him to me or dying will be the least of your worries:

I'll hang you alive and there will be many different ways to discover who your working for before you die and the experience may teach you a lesson.

A lot of money is sometimes important but that depends on where it comes from.

Do you understand?

The fortune you receive may bad for you.

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3 years ago

Alexa, great work! Terrific in terms of writing and content!