Business Intellect Coach Proposal

The Sustainable Teaching Model

‘Business language coaching by business people for business people; a sustainable teaching model’

The problem

Business English is considered an offshoot of EFL and referred to by the industry as ESP; English for a Special Purpose.

This term represents a culture with which we disagree.

Essentially, the conventionally trained ‘teacher’ approaches business English as he would any EFL subject, and even the training for the Certificate of Teaching Business English does not make this distinction!

We believe that this approach is wrong.

To coach Business English, you have to have a background, a deep knowledge of business or some part of it and you don't teach it you coach it, emphasising the difference in pedagogy.

Coaching differs from teaching by putting the client’s objectives at its core. It is not a language course; it is a business skills course.

Naturally, we would advise any client to continue to improve their language skills over a longer period as well, but short-term objectives have to be achieved and these give the client the motivation and confidence to invest more time and effort in studying the language.

For these reasons, the highly qualified Business English Coach is banded together with the recently qualified language teacher. The result is seen in lower fees because the client does not have an understanding of the extra value that the more experienced coach provides.

The coach has neither the marketing experience nor tools that are essential to produce a brand that explains the difference, and so ends up reluctantly accepting the current EFL market rate, thus vastly undervaluing their expertise.

Furthermore, the coach must offer a complete and high quality service to be able to justify the higher rates. He, or she, needs high quality content; an online delivery method to meet corporate client expectations; a full service covering all business areas 24/7 along with other services such as translation, language tests, self-study content, mobile apps and an ever-updating technology and content base.

Clearly, this is not possible for a smaller coaching organisation.

The Solution - The Business Intellect model

Business Intellect addresses these issues by offering Business English Coaches a brand through which they are able to express their professionalism, and so offer their clients a high level of service.

To achieve this, we will bring to bear the economies of scale, which we will share with our selected coaches.

We are selecting and bringing together a group of like-minded people with Business English coaching specialties, who share their dislike of the existing status quo and seek to change it for everybody’s benefit, namely the coaches and the clients.

In this way we will create a virtuous spiral, where clients receive great training and coaches are remunerated properly - this we are calling Sustainable Teaching.

Sustainable Teaching means that you can coach your own students at a rate which will benefit from our branding, website, software and materials, most likely at a higher level than you could achieve on your own. Also, if you are selected to work on one of our corporate contracts, you will receive a minimum of €20 per hour and could be paid more, depending on what the client is billed.

 The Business Intellect Offer

  • 1. A state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with a live coaching facility
  • 2. The licensed use of the Business Intellect Corporate Branding, including websites, logos, and the strong company ethos, values and standards which are shared throughout our community
  • 3. Like-minded colleagues with whom you can share ideas and projects
  • 4. The first 50 coaches will qualify for the profit sharing pool, which is a profit sharing scheme for the early adopters and the most prolific coaches. As a testament to our concern for the fair treatment and remuneration of our team, the highest 10 contributing coaches each year will be contractually included in the company’s profit sharing scheme, where 1% of all profits will be shared equally amongst the group annually.
  • 5. There is a 10% commission on any business brought in to Business Intellect, assuming a normal price structure is achieved.

You will also receive full use of the VLE’s portfolio of features, including:

  • 1. The ability to create your own courses and upload your own materials, as well as high quality online teaching and e-Learning content
  • 2. Access to the peer-to-peer social media area in which you can discuss topics with other coaches
  • 3. IT support and software updates
  • 4. Coaches’ forum
  • 5. Back up services to offer your clients, such as translation, 24-hour client support hotline, self-study materials, etc.
  • 6. Content publishing and republishing. Options to publish your own materials, which may help, generate an additional income when other coaches use them.

The Cost

Naturally there are costs to providing this resource and we intend to minimise these as much as possible by providing an easy low-cost start up option, where you pay for the services that you use, more or less on a pay as you go basis.

The first 10 coaches will receive the subscription for the first year free!

  • 1. Annual subscription fee to set up your site and support you with training and a help desk €200

There will be an hourly charge of €1 per person per hour for online sessions using the Live Learning facility. This is regardless of the number of people in the group session providing it is no more than 4.

That’s it. But remember you could also qualify for a share of the profits, a commission on any corporate opportunities you bring in and an opportunity to create revenue by sharing expertise and content.

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