All about Clash Of Clans   

By: Payton McLeod

The Game

If you never heard of the game Clash Of Clans it is a really fun game. When you first start you have a town hall level one and your base will look like this. You will have a builders hut, gold mine, camp fire for your troops, and a broken down clan castle. the clan castle is for when you rebuild it you can join a type of team called a clan and you can make your own clan but it costs 40,000 gold to make your own but once you click on it you then tap on clan with the shield and you can search a clan or create clan.

What to do

So first you need to do some stuff like a cannon to avoid an attack done by goblins that's right goblins. Then you can do what ever you want in clash like train your troops and attack someone on single player or multi player and once you attack someone you get stars you can get up to three stars each attack. You also get trophies and there are leagues like bronze, silver, gold, crystal, master, and champion. You have to get 400 trophies for bronze, 800 for silver, 1400 for gold, 2000 for crystal, 2600 for master, and 3600 for champion.


You have probably wondering if you could upgrade stuff if so you can. So first off once you upgrade your town hall to like 5 or 6 there are stuff you can get once you upgrade it like bombs, spring traps, and there are 2 troops called the hero's witch are the barbarian king and the archer queen. Here is what they look like. You can upgrade everything except for the builders hut but, there is a limit to everything like you can upgrade a gold mine to level 12 some with, elixir collectors, and canons.      



To attack you need to train up some troops and once you have them trained up you tap the attack button on the bottom left and you can either attack the goblins in single player or you can attack some one on multiplayer. Once you find a player you can not attack in the red zone but you can attack on the outside and you can get from 1 trophy to 38 or 39.    

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