Z for Zachariah is The Bomb

By Luis Mejia (Z for Zachariah)

Imagine yourself in a world, that as far as you know you are the only one living on it, until you prove yourself wrong. Come with me on this adventure to learn about Anne and Mr. Loomis in Z for Zachariah.

1) Anne Burden was a fifteen year old girl that to her knowledge was the only one alive in the world due to a nuclear explosion.

2) Anne's family goes to a near by town named Odgetown but Anne stay at home but what there parents don't know is that radiation in Odgetown is high and it can kill them.

3) Anne one day sees something coming from the valley but she doesn't know what it is because he's wearing a green suit.

4) Anne sees that the green suit was a man but she decides to hide in a cave the guy (Mr. Loomis.) decides to take a shower in a lake that has radiation.

5) Anne sees no action from Mr. Loomis for a few days so she decides to see what is going on but for her surprise she sees that he is really about to die with a fever.

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