Ancient Eastern Dynasties

From 589 onward easter civilization has had many dynasties. From China to Japan they have had many rises and falls in Kingdoms.

Sui, Tang, and Song Dynastys

The Sui Dynasty was established in 581 and lasted until 618. They took power during the Period of Disunion. The Period of Disunion was just after the Han Dynasty when there was no leader everyone was in a mad rush to seize power. There first ruler was named Wendi. They built the Great Canal which was a 1,000 mile waterway linking northern and southern china. Wendi's son, Yang Di, was killed in 618 and a Sui general took power and started the Tang Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty went from 618 to 907. They had China prosper and also had many achievements. They made a flexible law code that helped model Japan. Their Ruler Taizong was one of China's most admired rulers and help expand their land greatly. During The Tang Dynasty Buddism was finally part of China, many of their rulers were buddists and Chinese missionaries supported the religion. After the Tang Dynasty fell apart, China was split up until the Song Dynasty began.

The Song Dynasty was a lot like the Tang and even modeled itself off of it a little. To make sure everything was in order they enlarged bureaucracy. They didn't follow Buddism and instead made a new version of Confucianism. They weren't able to conquer much land but make made vast amounts of art. During their rule China was the most advanced country at the time.