The Television

This invention has changed history by people being able to know and figure out what is happening in the world around them.

This later brought news which helped people know the weather around them which later can save lives.

They made this device have a bigger screen and later it came to all color instead of black and white.

The television industry contributed over 80 million into the economy - Positive

A lot of people will be at home on their butts watching television than working for a job - Negative

Environment- The need for electricity that the television requires pollutes the environment.

Culture - Television has effected our culture by people staying inside more to watch it then they would go outside and socialize more with the people around them.

Politics- Politicians use the television to run their ads and elections live over the television.

Society- people in society today watch the television more than they should and by doing this they get fat and they cannot control their weight and they become obese by doing this.

- Pictures of how the television has looked compared to how it looks now.

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