My Favorite Season

I could smell the wonderful chicken noodle soup and the wonderful fresh baked pumpkin pie. The smell filled the air of the whole house. It was the best time of the year, especially with the new great seasonal food, like crisp apples, pumpkin pie, chicken noodle soup, pumpkin spice latte’s, chicken pot pie, quiche, berries, and candy.

I heard the families getting ready for tonight’s High School Football Game. I hear my father raking up the season’s leaves and putting them into a huge pile. As I walked outside and smelled the earthy and Pumpkin smell, oh how I loved this season.

My sight is amazing, I see so many different and relaxed colors like red, orange, green, and yellow

This season is great, so gorgeous and beautiful in my opinion.

I feel the leaves falling on me. I feel the best weather ever. The weather is best in this season because it’s not hot or cold. Just a little chilly. But not freezing like in the Winter.

My season is the best time of year for me. It just relaxes me and keeps me calm. I love when my season come around. When my favorite season is just around the corner I like to count down the days!

Do you know my favorite season is? What's yours?

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