The fiery foe

My door will probably be a door made out of fire because sometimes my temper can shoot up quickly and I can get ‘fiery’ and angry. It would have pictures of volcanoes, dragons and godzilla things with giant spikes on their back and lava running down their backs fighting giant dragons. it would take me to a land where the ground is black and has cracks with lava running through it.

there is an evil king called hellscream who is ruling his kingdom poorly and being cruel to anyone who disobeyes him. All the people who set foot in this place gets the ability to turn into a lava hound.

the adventures i would have there would be that the king is planning to invade my home with dragons and godzilla things and I am selected to stop hellscream from destroying our town.

I bring my dog with me and i get a fire axe. there were three doors: ice, fire and earth. i chose the fire door. I wander around for a bit but then I find a giant castle made out of fire. I walked up to the guards of the gates and then I they said there king has been expecting me.

I walk into the castle and I turn into a lava hound and run upstairs. I get to a door and go inside. inside, there is a glowing crystal ball. so I go and have a look in it and a withered face appears. its hellscreams face. At home they call him the fiery foe and I can see why. half of his face is on fire. I get so scared I smash the crystal ball with my axe.

my dog keeps on barking like he can sense someone in the room. Suddenly, from out of nowhere hellscream appears and we have an awesome battle in the end I win and I am chosen to rule the kingdom. My family come over and we all celebrate.


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