What do you think about smoking?

If you smoke please stop

Here is our results of our survey

Wait a second..... 5 people want to smoke! Holy cow!

76  people don't like to smoke. Good.

5 people think smoking is not bad. OK

4 people may like to smoke. Uh oh

41 people don't know what smoking is? That's crazy.

Info About Smoking

1. Smoking is bad for health.

2.Smoking has rat poison in it.

3. It makes clothes and hair smell.

4. It gives lung cancer.

5. Smoking has health risks around everyone.

6. If you smoke one cigarretteas the same health risks.

7. If you chew tobbaco you get mouth cancer.

8. If you smoke you have a 50 50 chance of getting lung cancer.

9. When you have a cigarettes you have a hand movement like this.

10. People smoke to look older.

                                                   Thank you for listening

     By. Akshat!, Jeevan and Arvin.

Remember kids and adults don't smoke.