The Amazing Cell Cycle

Interphase is the first step in the Cell Cycle. In Interphase, the cell is preparing for Mitosis by engaging in metabolic activity. The dark circle in the middle is what is expected to be the nucleous.

The nucleolus now disappears and the nucleus is not becoming to be visible. The centrioles now go away from each other which causes the walls of the cell to stretch. This creates the spindle fibers.

Next during Metaphase, the nuclear membrane breaks off and eventually dissolves itself. The proteins all around the cell end up attaching themselves to the centromeres. The chromosomes now begin to move around.

In metaphase, the spindles guide the chromosomes into a straight line vertically in the cell. The organized chromosomes will be greatly needed for the next process.   

In Anaphase, The chromosones pair up and separate to opposite side of the cell.

After the chromosomes reach the end of the walls, Telophase begins. the chromosomes are now nonvisible and the spindle fibers disappear. The next stage of Cytokinesis is now ready.

Cytokinesis is the final process in the cell cycle. This is where the cells split and thus you have a pair of daughter cells.

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