Being Safe Online

Being safe is very  important. especially on the internet. being on the internet is like being in real life, except, you don't know who is behind the other screen. so you want to be very careful not to give out information in chat rooms, and if anyone ever asks for your address, phone number, email, credit card number, or age, you know it could be dangerous. so here are a few rules to keep you safe online.


1. never give out personal information,

2. never respond to mean messages.

3. be sure to be a good citizen online.

4. never give out your address or phone number

5.when making a  screen name never include your name

6. never send or respond to mean or harassing emails

7. never meet up with someone you "met" online

8. don't say anything on the internet you wouldn't say to someone's face

9. never post a picture of yourself without parent permission

10. don't install or download anything without parent permission.

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3 years ago