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My name is Athena Wolpert. I'm 15 years old,I live in Indiana, where I live with my father and mother. We are all in the union. It is Wednesday, December 28, 1862. My father is in the war and is stationed in Ripley, Ohio.  In the morning I wake up and do my morning chores. Theses chores would be eating breakfast, taking care of the horses, milking the cows, getting the eggs, and other farm chores. My other chores are to help the solders with their horses.

Day 2 December 29,1862

Dear father

Been real good mother. I miss you a lot. Its hard work I have to do but I have to do what I have to do. I help out a lot with the solders and their horses. Mom is doing well and she loves and misses you. I been doing everything she tells me. She finally let me play out in the rain, well I had to work so basically I didn't play. Most of the barn is full with horses and I love it! I am finally get to do work I love.  I heard there was a battle in Ohio, it was called Battle Of Buffington Island. Did you guys win or lost? Well Its time for chores. I love you father and please stay safe. Mom said she loves you.

                                                                                                   Love truly, Athena

Day 3 December 30, 1862

Its just before sun rise when I woke up to get ready to do my chores. I head down stairs and I hear my mom asking me to  come to her. She tells me that today I must do things a little differently. Today I had to cook  breakfast for the soldiers, then I had to saddle all the horses for them  and I had to ride to town to pick up mail and food for later. Then when I came back home I had to help mother fix some of the soldiers uniforms for them. During the evening I had to cook dinner for the soldiers with my mother. It was helpful to help out but then it made me really tired.  

Day 4 December  31 , 1862

Dear, beautiful Athena

The battle name was right. It was a long ride there but it was worth it. We came back to camp in Ripley just today. The Union did win, but I lost one of my great men that was my closest friend. I am happy to hear that mom is well and you are help soldiers over there. You are one strong girl to be doing all the work are the farm. I am sure when I come home soon I will take over again. I miss you and mother dearly. I don't know how long this war is going to be but I promise I will come home right when it over or when my time is to come home. I'm very well myself if you were wondering. I must go now and I promise to write back ever time you write me. I love you so much my Athena, and tell your mother I miss and love her too.

                                                                                                             Love truly, Father

Day 5 January 1 ,1863

Today is the best day ever! Our President Abraham Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation. Mom says it freed few people because it did not apply to slaves in border states fighting on your side nor did affect slaves in the southern areas that where under Union Control.I was really happy that some of the slaves got free but then upset the only few got free. I feel like it should had affect all the slaves.  Me and mother have a feeling that the war will be over soon. I just cant wait for the end and all slaves are free.

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