My Final Project; The T-Shirt Controller

This is my final project! I made a control board on a T-shirt you can wear and Scratch game to play with the T-shirt!

The first step was to create a Scratch game. The game is a simple shooting game, but T-shirt themed of course! You shoot buttons at the flying spaghetti before sauce stains your shirt. The only controls are the Up and Down keys and the space, which you will see on the shirt.

 The next element was the T-shirt. I originally wanted to stitch the aluminum foil with conductive thread, but it didn't work well in my sewing machine. I also clipped the alligator clips directly on the foil, though decided not to because it slowly ripped from the seams. Instead, I just taped on some copper tape. The rest was relatively simple, I just connected the shirt to the Makey Makey and played the T-shirt game.