Byzantine Empire

Time and Location

the empire started when the Roman empire split at around 550AD and ended around 1453 AD.
the  Byzantine empire is the western half of the Roman empire.
the main religion was Greek orthodox and the main language was Greek.
the byzantine empire had a great impact on Russia mostly because of trade.


Through trade the Byzantine empire traded ideas such as a Cyrillic alphabet, architecture, art an religion through trade. Justinian's law was a contribution to law in our society and was based off the 12 tables of Roman law. Architecture is also another but its mostly in churches; which was also sread to Russia. Preserving Greek and Roman knowledge, art and ideas of the old culture was another important contribution.


The Reasons why the empire lasted so long (1000 yrs.) was because  it minded its own business and didn't get involved outside its boarders. It  didn't get too big and it had an organized government through out the empire. Byzantine religion and architecture mainly spread to Russia. The Byzantine Empire had a great influence on the country through trade.

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