Thank You For Breaking My Heart

I am writing this letter for the person who broke my heart into thousand pieces. For the person who gave up on me when I was willing to gave up everything for him. For the person who brought me into the labyrinth of happiness and sorrow..


I know it would be hard for me to detach myself from the wonderful years we've been together. It would be hard to forget your scent, your haunting voice, the laughter that we've shared. Those insane fights and the break and make up scene.

However, it is also hard for me to stay in a relationship that transform me into a monster. Losing my identity when I am with you. I used to be a cheerful and fun girl. Looking at the positive side of life. I don't deserve to be treated like a doormat when I know someone out there will treat me as his one and only. I don't deserve to be cheated on when I am faithfully drawn to you. I don't deserve a douchebag like you. Yes I am angry. Because I still hold into the thin line that you will still change. From being a big a-hole cheater to a man I once knew.

Despite all of this, I still thank you for breaking my heart. Because I have learned that love is not enough.I begin to understand that not all relationships are meant to last. I have now a deeper appreciation of my individuality and self-worth. It would be my everyday struggle to wake up every morning with the painful memories that you've left but I will heal in time. I will love a man the way I have loved you or even greater. And from the time you've realized that I am the love of your life who got away, I am already with someone who makes me realize why we ended up this way.

And I don't wanna be mean or hypocrite. I do not wish you happiness (for now) . But I do wish that you will find a girl who will genuinely understand and appreciates you. I will forget dystopia and forgive you at the right time. If our path may intertwine someday, I will wave and smile at you and thank you for being a part of my life because you gave me the freedom to choose and decide to be happy and love myself.


Girl who will never again to be yours

-For my beautiful friend who deserves the best.. :)